Explore Geoheritage Day

Visit exceptional geological sites in the National Capital and across Canada, either virtually or on your own this year during the 13th annual Geoheritage Day!

We have added more sites across Canada so be sure to expand the map and check them out.

Learn more about how geological processes have shaped the local, regional and national landscape, given us a glimpse into past environments and life forms and provided resources for our use. We have enhanced our digital presence so that you will still be able to visit either virtually or on your own to see how each site fits into the local geological history.

Please follow local guidelines and regulations for COVID19, and remember that collecting on NCC properties, National and Provincial Parks and Geoparks is prohibited.

Please be aware:

  • Sites will be un-hosted, all information will be virtual
  • Guests can visit sites in person, provided they follow all local and provincial COVID19 protocols

We would love to receive pictures from guests who are able to visit the sites. We'll post these pictures on our webpage and social media outlets. Please email pictures to: earth.sciences@carleton.ca 

Did you know?

In the last 2 billion years our National Capital has been home to a huge mountain chain, a tropical beach, a habitat for large whales, and buried under 2km of ice…